When choosing a garage to carry out your servicing, it is crucial that you are working with professionals and our conscientious team are highly experienced

We use the latest and best technology to provide complete servicing packages.  All service parts fitted are manufacturer parts or of equivialent standard.  This keeps your car at its peak of efficiency and safety.


As a Ford specialist we can update Ford Digital Service Records online and also many other manufacturers (BMW, Mercedes, Mazda, VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda).  This ensures manufacturer warranties are not effected by our servicing.


With regular servicing, you can identify faults at the earliest stages and have them rectified quickly, keeping your car in top condition and saving you money on more costly repairs in the future.

All vehicle owners know the importance of having a regular MOT, but this is not enough to keep your vehicle working as it should. You also need to have your car serviced by qualified specialists on a regular basis, even if everything seems to be in full working order.

Servicing will catch any issues early on before they develop into potentially dangerous and expensive problems.  This will also help your vehicle to retain its financial value.

Your vehicle will be thoroughly checked and inspected during servicing, including the brakes, windscreen, steering, tyres, instruments and gauges. If there are any issues you were previously unaware of, we will advise you of them.  If you wish, we can carry out full repairs to ensure that problems are resolved as swiftly as possible.

If you have noticed any problems with your car prior to servicing, such as strange noises or issues with steering, let us know and we will repair the problem for you.


Servicing is just one of our areas of expertise. We can also provide repairs, recovery, tyre replacements and a host of other services, as well as completing your annual MOT, all at very affordable prices.

When you are in need of a skilled team who can complete the best garage servicing Middlesbrough has to offer, get in touch. From diagnostics to repairs to regular servicing, we pride ourselves on offering all the help our clients need to keep their vehicles safe and performing at their peak, and we are ready to work with all makes and models.