Every owner of a vehicle which has been registered for longer than three years is legally obligated to have a regular MOT check to ensure the car is still safe to drive and worthy of being on the road. The MOT must be completed every year the anniversary of its last test, and drivers who fail to have their vehicle checked can face legal consequences including fines of up to £1000.

All vehicles which are more than three years old are required by law to undergo an annual MOT to make sure they are still in a safe and roadworthy condition. The MOT is not a substitute for regular servicing, and should be carried out alongside this. We can carry out your MOT and help to keep you safe and legal on the road.

The MOT involves a thorough check of the vehicle’s essential elements, such as the lights, electrical equipment, horn, battery, brakes, steering, suspension and tyres, along with many other factors and components. Testers will also measure exhaust emissions to check that the levels fall within acceptable parameters.

The aim of the MOT is to make sure that everything is functioning as it should be and that there are no issues which could lead to danger for the vehicle’s occupants and other road users. Although these tests are important, they are not a substitute for regular servicing as they only check whether the vehicle is currently roadworthy and will not uncover any developing faults. You should have your car serviced on a regular basis as well as having your yearly MOT.

It is crucial that your MOT is carried out by qualified and approved testers, and if you’re located in the Teesside area, we can provide the help you need. We have been established since 1980 and have many years of experience carrying out MOTs on all makes and models of vehicle. Whether you need this service for your own personal vehicle or for your company cars or vans, we are ready to cater for your requirements and issue you with the certificate you need to continue legal driving, as long as your car meets the required standards.

Alongside the MOT itself, we can also offer all the help you need to get your car in top condition and ready to pass the test, including repairs, diagnostics and regular servicing. If your vehicle is due for its MOT, make sure to get in touch and book with us for a superb service.